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If you‘re on the south of the island and you‘ve rented a car, you haveto take route TF-1 until you get to the lower area of the capital (it takes around 45 minutes). Later, take the TF-4 bypass, a four-lane highway that runs along the coast to the César Manrique Maritime Park and that will bring you into Plaza España if you keep following it. There, you will fi nd convenient public parking areas. Another option is to continue along route TF-1 and come in on the Rambla de Santa Cruz– a long avenue that dissects the city and that will take you to the center.


From the north, take route TF-5, a quick and convenient highway with multiple lanes that, in half an hour, leads up to the two city entrances: Avenida Manuel Hermoso Rojas and the Rambla de Santa Cruz. No matter how you get here, there is an extensive network of public parking areas that are both convenient and affordable.


To get to know Santa Cruz by guagua _the name by which inhabitants of the island call the bus_ there are convenient bus lines that depart every half hour from the north and south of the island and that will leave you at the city‘s main station, where you can take the tram or a taxi to the center.


Thousands of people arrive to the capital of Tenerife almost every day on cruise ships, as Santa Cruz has become one of the main ports of Spain in terms of both passengers and goods. So, if you‘re one of those people who arrive by sea, to access the center you just have to walk a few minutes down Avenida Anaga and, in a snap, you‘re in the city‘s epicenter: Plaza de España.

Roads and motorways

In any case, once you‘re in Tenerife, you will see that it has a modern network of roads and highways and that distances here are not too long; thus, getting to Santa Cruz, the heart of Tenerife and km 0 for the island, is really quite simple.

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